What it means to be a pro-staff member:

    Our pro-staff is made up of fisherman across the country and as a representative of our brand you are expected to use Heavy Metal Fishing products whenever they are applicable.

    You are the face of our brand and should always conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner.  We take pride in our team and want to see our team take pride in our brand.

    What is expected from you:

    As a pro-staff member, there are requirements to maintain your status on the team.

    • You must use our products. If you do not use the products, how can you promote the brand? 
    • Social media activity. You must post a Heavy Metal Fishing specific post on social media at minimum 1 time per week.  This is also to your benefit because you should include your affiliate link in the post and all purchases from your link will pay you a 10% commission!!  That is more money in your pocket to spend on fishing!!
    • You must also enjoy being a pro-staff member and always be professional. You started fishing to have fun, so have fun with this opportunity!


    *If you have never ordered our products then please do not request to be a pro-staff.  This is for fisherman who truly believe in the products we offer.


    If you are interested in becoming a pro-staff please follow the link below and fill out the form.  Your submission will be reviewed within 72hrs.